Dec 19, 2018
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WTF Wednesday: Did we just hear Taimur saying media? Is it time to step back a little?

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Taimur Ali Khan is the nation’s darling. While most of us will agree that he is our daily dose of cuteness, we have to accept that he is a kid at the end of the day and has every right to a normal childhood. Recently, we saw him at the airport with mom Kareena Kapoor Khan and dad Saif Ali Khan. They were all travelling to South Africa for an ad shoot and to ring in his second birthday. We can hear Taimur saying something as he rides on dad Saif Ali Khan’s shoulders and it sounds distinctly like “Media, media!” While we are unsure if he indeed says media or not, the constant focus on him is somewhat worrisome. The little fellow sees the paps every day and it is evident that he recognises them by their faces. As it is usual for tiny tots, he smiles whenever he sees a familiar face. Every move of Taimur right from his journey to playschool and feeding a cow is clicked by the paparazzi. There is a huge demand for his pictures, which was testified by Karan Johar on his chat show.

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