Apr 1, 2019
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When an air hostess asked Shatrughan Sinha, ‘You are Sonakshi Sinha’s father right?’

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It’s rightly said that the bond a daughter shares with her father is indeed very special. No matter how much love and warmth any man in her life may give, but nobody can take a father’s place. In a recent special episode of Super Dancer Chapter 3, two most loved ladies of Indian Cinema- Sonakshi Sinha and Alia Bhatt along with Varun Dhawan were seen promoting their upcoming movie Kalank and setting the stage on fire with their electrifying presence.

During the shoot, one of the contestants, 10-year-old, Avastha Thapa from Siliguri and her Super Guru Aryan Patra gave a terrific performance and impressed the judges thoroughly. That’s when Sonakshi got to know how much little Avastha misses her father as he is in the Army.

Talking about father’s love Sonakshi Sinha said, “Girls are more attached to their fathers. In front of daughters fathers can’t usually argue much, I am sure Avastha by default must be loved by her father, in fact Avastha, you, me, Alia and all the girls out there who work and follow their dreams are really lucky because we not just have supportive mothers but we are very fortunate to get our father’s encouragement as well. They don’t stop us from doing anything. There are a lot of girls in this world who are stopped from achieving their dreams, but we are very blessed to have supportive fathers. I was never made to feel any lesser than my brothers. I am very privileged. I hope one day all girls feel this way.”

Sonakshi Sinha went on to reveal a very special memory. She shared, “While growing up and in school everybody used to call me Shatrughan Sinha’s daughter, but one day my father came home, he looked very astonished so I asked him what had happened? That’s when he disclosed that while he was on a flight, an air hostess came and asked, ‘You are Sonakshi Sinha’s father right?’ I could see it in his eyes. It was such a proud feeling when girls make their fathers proud.”

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