Sep 26, 2018
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Watch Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan speak in Tamil; asking fans to watch Thugs Of Hindostan this Diwali

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We told you yesterday that Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan will be speaking in Tamil and Telugu, asking people to watch Thugs Of Hindostan this Diwali. The film will be dubbed in both the languages for the ease of patrons in South India. Now we have the video, where both of them are speaking in Tamil. Although it sounds a bit rehearsed, we have to appreciate the fact that they are trying to connect with fans down South as well. Aamir’s films always had a different promotional plan and this could be one of them. Now we are waiting for the Telugu one. If you are thinking if the film will be dubbed by these two actors, it will be wrong to assume so. Skilled Tamil and Telugu dubbing artists have been employed for the dubbing of the film. Check out the Tamil promo here…

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