Feb 21, 2019
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Throwback Thursday: Before Ranveer Singh’s Apna Time Aayega, Jackie Shroff’s Amma Dekh rap from Stuntman ruled the 90s music charts

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With Ranveer Singh’s Gully Boy, Bollywood has entered the rap zone and made the audience shake their leg on Apna Time Aayega. Yes, the rap song crooned by the man Ranveer himself has become a rage and is currently on every person’s music list on their smartphone. In fact, we have come across people using the punchline of this song as a dialogue in their day-to-day lives as well. But did you know? Before this trending rap, we had another rap song which ruled the 90s. It was from Jackie Shroff’s movie Stuntman and was titled Amma Dekh Tera Munda Bigda Jaaye.

You might be wondering about the quirky lyrics, which you just read above but you can’t imagine the craze it had among the masses. Well, just to make you realise how quirky the wordings were, we share with you the entire lyrics of it.

Baalon mein gel laga ke
Shoo-shaa kare
Roke jo daddy usko
Poo-paa kare
Taazi taazi chadhi jawani
Roz siyappe paaye
(Taazi taazi chadhi jawani
Roz siyappe paaye)

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