Mar 9, 2019
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International Women’s Day 2019: Shaleena Nathani and 4 other stylists who run the show behind the lens

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Now, you know we take fashion seriously! Like Devil Wears Prada seriously. Which is exactly why we meet at least once a week and often more to discuss various look books that B-town keeps us busy with. From the fabric to the aesthetics, we love the display of glam that showbiz puts up under the finest light. Of course, it’s the stars who walk and talk and do it with panache. But having said that, nothing takes away from the fact that while we dote on the strutting fashionistas and their style sense, they depend on their stylists to turn up the heat. To step out like they mean business!

And on the occasion of International Women’s Day here, we are here to tip our hats for 5 go-getters who run the show from behind the lens. Yes, women stylists who throw trends out of the closets like nobody else.

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