Dec 10, 2018
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‘Guys, I am fine,’ says Shahid Kapoor FINALLY opening up about rumours of him being diagnosed with stomach cancer

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In yet another round of bizarre rumours regarding the health of celebs, it was heard over the weekend that Shahid Kapoor has been diagnosed with stomach cancer. It began after a blind item hit the social media and made his fans think the worse. A family member of the Kapoors did brush it off calling it a hoax. But guess the damage was a bit too severe. Now, Shahid too has tweeted about it. He writes, “Guys I’m totally fine pl don’t believe random stuff.” [sic] Finally, his fans will be relieved. The family member had earlier revealed to ABP, “Log kuchh bhi kaise likh sakte hain? Aakhir is khabar ka aadhar kya hai? Is tarah ki afwaahein phailaane ko kis tarah se jaayaz tthehraya ja sakta hai?” (How can people write just anything? This news is based on what? Spreading rumors like these is not acceptable).” We totally agree with this person.

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