Mar 28, 2019
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Aamir Khan reveals why did he refuse to eat at Shah Rukh Khan’s house party

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Aamir Khan is one of those actors who goes to lengths to get into the skin of his character. For his role in Dangal, the superstar not only gained several kilos but went on to shed a lot for just one sequence. Aamir went on to share the transformation video during the promotions and people were astonished to see his determination. In the video, he had revealed that he went on a strict diet to get into proper shape for the role.

At a recently held event, Aamir was asked what he does when he attends lavish parties, does he eat the food there or skip it. To which Mr Perfectionist replied, “I carry my own tiffin. If you ever meet Shah Rukh ask him about it, he will tell you an interesting story. When Tim Cook visited SRK’s home, he invited all of us for dinner. Gauri (Khan) told me to have dinner and I told her I will definitely eat and go. She went on to say dinner is served, so I replied ‘I have got my own tiffin’.”

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